Qualifications and Experience

I hold a first class honours degree in Biology. I have worked as a forensic scientist since 1979. I have given expert evidence in the Crown Courts of England and Wales and the Court of Appeal in London and the Court of Criminal Appeal in Dublin.

During 1977 and 1978, I was a research associate of the World Health Organisation's programme of research into human reproduction, based at the Department of Anatomy, Birmingham University Medical School.

In the period from 1979 to the end of 1991, I was employed by the Home Office Forensic Science Service of England and Wales, during which time I undertook thousands of investigations and offered expert evidence in criminal cases ranging from theft of motor vehicles to murder.

During 1992, I worked for the Staffordshire police force as a Scientific Support Manager. I managed scenes of crime officers, fingerprint experts and the budget for purchase of forensic science services.

I have now worked in private practice as an independent forensic scientist for over twenty-three years.

I have studied many aspects of forensic science including theoretical and practical work and statistical interpretation. I have co-authored papers and research reports in the fields of blood grouping, textile fibre analysis and DNA profiling. I have reported the results of DNA profiling tests to the courts since 1988